Streamlit cloud error: failed to download the sources for repository

Encountered the following issues when deploying the application:

The project address is: GitHub - PierXuY/ChatGPT-Assistant: 基于Streamlit搭建的ChatGPT对话助手,无须科学上网即可使用,可免费云部署。支持多窗口、语音交流、对话留存、上下文预设以及参数调节等功能。
It’s normal before I reboot.

This project has been running normally before. Although the content has been updated this time, the project name, branch name and entry file have not been modified. It is unclear why this error occurred.

After deleting the project and redeploying it, the problem disappeared.

Maybe you forgot to push the commit, but yes redeploying solves the issue most of the time. Happened with me also

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