Requirements.txt Issue

A library I use (numbas) requires an older version of numpy (older than 1.24), which I have specified in requirements.txt. This works every time the app is deployed. But when I wake the app back up (when no one has looked at it in a while and the client can wake it up from the web page), it autoupdates all packages without looking at requirements.txt (so my numpy goes to the latest version, causing an error). This error persists until a change is made to requirements.txt, which it detects. After detecting this change (no matter what it is), it applies all of requirements.txt to the backend (downgrading numpy), and fixing the error. Is there a way to fix this, or is it a streamlit issue?

Can you link your repository? Have you also pinned Streamlit’s version?

Sorry for the late response, the issue appears to have been resolved by including Streamlit in requirements.txt. I assume this updated it to the latest version where the bug had been fixed.

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