Streamlit display Issue of Layout Persistency / content display inconsistency

hey great people. Im new to streamlit. Currently im developing web for my ml project using streamlit. I cam across an issue of ugly displaying one page content into another page. May be bugs…? I dont know!!


when i go to the registration page from home page, it shows home page contents in a light color along with registration page contents. Looks so ugly. I mean previous contents are also showing in the page. Looks like rendering issue? please help me.
kindly consider following images!! error in image 3.


The ghost. Perhaps it is caused by:

  • Code optimization issues.
  • Widget/overall app layout is not optimized considering the code reruns’ presence.
  • Third party libraries you use do not work well with the streamlit version you currently have.
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hi @krish Is your problem solved? I’m facing the same issue.
Please share changes or code to review