Streamlit-folium with the new layout option (StreamlitAPIException - Error)

If I run streamlit-folium with the new layout option:

import streamlit as st
from streamlit_folium import folium_static
import folium

st.set_page_config(layout = 'wide')

c1, c2, c3 = st.beta_columns((1, 3, 1))

c1.title('Column 1')
c2.title('Column 2')
c3.title('Column 3')

m = folium.Map(location = [39.949610, -75.150282], zoom_start = 16)

tooltip = 'Liberty Bell'
    [39.949610, -75.150282], popup = 'Liberty Bell', tooltip = tooltip


I get this error:

StreamlitAPIException: folium_static() is not a valid Streamlit command.

File "", line 25, in <module>`

streamlit - Version: 0.72.0
streamlit-folium - Version: 0.1.0
folium - Version: 0.11.0

Maybe someone can help? Thank you very much.

Hi @AndreasNehls, welcome to the Streamlit community!

As streamlit-folium is an external Component (that just happens to be written by me :laughing:), it’s not part of the methods defined in Streamlit for the column/layout API. Instead, try the following as your last line:

with c2:


@randyzwitch thanks for your fast answer - now it works very well, with the layout option :+1:

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I did it using with column:
and it works fine but it is currently not possible to set the option “use_container_width = True”. Can you make it happen?

I can set the width and height in folium but the map doesn’t resize if I zoom in or zoom out my dashboard

Not sure that’s possible. The way folium_static sets the size is by reading from the Folium object on the Python side, or whatever the developer specifies from Python. It’s not clear to me how I’d be able to get the size from the JavaScript side (i.e. the browser), but know about it from the Python side.

If someone could figure it out though, I am happy to accept a PR, as it does sound like desirable functionality.

How did you do for other maps and charts such as: st.pydeck_chart, or st.altair_chart etc ? they are all equipped with use_container_width option

Because all of those functions are part of the Streamlit python package. Folium and streamlit-folium don’t share any of the same Python classes, folium_static literally just reads the HTML representation from the Folium object and displays it.

Thanks! Do you know if it’s possible to set initial page-zoom level smaller than 100% (currently if I deploy the app) - don’t see it in the st.set_page_config

Btw, Can you also make kepler_static to read the HTML representation from the map object (It has been written as Notebook widget in Jupyter:

I don’t know what you mean.

It wouldn’t be too hard to do, but I’m not sure when I’d get to doing that.

what I meant was because I can’t control the width of folium_static when I first deploy my app and open - it will be display with 100% and the two columns are overlaid like this:

You can’t set the width in percentage terms, but you can use width= to set the total width of the displayed map

Yes, I know and I have set the width fits for 75% zoom of the browser.