Streamlit in JupyterLab stuck on "Please wait..."

This seems to be a common issue however even after doing all the steps I found online I am still stuck at “Please wait…” as the websocket connection gets terminated again and again.

Things I tried:

  • Disable CORS
  • Disable XSRF
  • Use a different port
  • Disable compression
  • Set domain for clients
  • Run the default hello app (same issue)
  • Run a regular python server (works!)
  • Use a different browser (I tried both Chrome and Firefox)

None of the above worked. I do have the proxy installed as I can run TensorBoard just fine and a regular python webserver so it has to be something specific to streamlit.

My config:

port = 8501
baseUrlPath = ""
enableCORS = false
enableXsrfProtection = false
enableWebsocketCompression = false

serverAddress = ""
serverPort = 80 # I tried 80/443/8501 with no change in behaviour

At this point any pointer would be appreciated.


References (things I tried):