Streamlit Mapping for Ice Hockey


I am brand new to coding and making applications. I have made very few so far in my weeks experience wanted to see if streamlit supported any sort of mouse interaction on a map or picture of an ice rink. The ambitions I have is to build an application that is able to pin point certain events that happen during a game to a specific part of the ice. The application would be used for live data tracking, the application would be of the ice rink, once a player takes a shot the user would then be able to click on the rink where the shot was taken and it would be saved on the rink as a shot or at least a data point.

Then after the game was done the file could be uploaded and sent to a folder. If it was also possible to identify the interaction for multiple stats and the application could keep a table of an individual players full game statistics that could also be uploaded. And then too if a perfect world if I could be able to do all this for multiple players at a time with just one user that would be fantastic but this is already a pretty big piece I’m trying to bite off I feel.

At the moment I have a spreadsheet on excel that works automatically to give me live total numbers for players in hockey statistics as I write them down but I’m looking to try and build it one step further by actually mapping out where the shots, passes, etc. were taken to see player tendencies and where they might be more efficient on the ice.

Thank you very much for any responses/answers. Anything will be much appreciated as I’d like to see some light shed on this topic as it’s something very specific I’m looking for.