Streamlit presentation

Is there any chart plotting component that can be used in Streamlit capable of creating graphics like the one shown in the picture above?

The left graph will display:

  1. The geographical locations of customers.
  2. The purple portion represents the count of VIP customers (e.g., in the first one, there are 8 customers from London, with 2 of them being VIP).

The graphic will illustrate the number of individuals who speak each language. For example, there are 162 people who speak English, 38 who speak German, and the overlapped area represents that there are 16 individuals who speak BOTH English and German.

If there are no such components available, how can this be presented in a similar way using existing libraries?

Thanks in advance

Hi @aiya6502

Streamlit supports all the major data visualization libraries (e.g. matplotlib, altair, vega-lite, plotly, bokeh) and in-depth coverage for all of these are provided on this Docs page:

For the left plot that you’re looking to make, it’s a stacked bar chart. An example is: Horizontal Stacked Bar Chart β€” Vega-Altair 5.1.2 documentation

For the right plot, it appears to be a mosaic plot with venn’s diagram feature. However, you may need to customize to recreate the intended plot. Here are some resources to get you started:

Hope this helps!

Thanks @dataprofessor
Not that fit to our purpose. will need to discuss this with user to change the presentation.

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