Streamlit pyvis error when displaying large network

Hi community!
I’m really enjoying using streamlit and thank you to those who committed in creating this tool.

I have one question related to pyvis package.

I’m using pyvis to display a network(node-edges) in my own streamlit page.
However, if the number of nodes in my network is large (ex. more than 1,000), the network suddenly stops loading and re-loads the whole page.

Is there a efficient way to deal with a large network? If so, please let me know

Hi @positive-song,

Thanks for posting!

Can you clarify whether you’re running the app locally when you’re seeing this behavior or if the app is deployed? If the app is deployed with Streamlit Cloud, can you share the link?

Caroline :balloon:

Hi @Caroline ,
Thank you for your interest.

The app is deployed, however, there are some data that needs to be organized due to some privacy issue and yet the app is in ‘private’ and needs time for the link to be shared.