Streamlit RSA Authenticator UI

Welcome to Streamlit RSA Authenticator UI :closed_lock_with_key:

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Encryption on Authenticate widget data from client to server.

What is Streamlit RSA Authenticator UI?

What is Http protocol

Http is the information transfer protocol between networked devices. However, all the requests and responses are in plaintext, which means that anyone can read them.

If you want to deploy streamlit server using http protocol (not https protocol) and you add the user authentication, user password can be read by anyone in the network as it is the plaintext for http protocol.

streamlit-rsa-auth-ui correct it by encrypting user information including password at the client browser before transmit to streamlit server using RSA algorithm

What is RSA algorithm

It is asymmetric cryptography, uses two different but mathematically linked keys


Thank you. :smile:
Encryption of login information is extremely useful for internal enterprise applications.
I am ready to apply it immediately in my work.