Streamlit run in PyCharm Terminal not working

Hi there.

I’ve created a python script in Pycharm (its name is
I’m using a virtual environment and in my Python interpreter I have installed the streamlit package.
However, when I try to do in the PyCharm terminal Streamlit run (also trying to put the entire directory of my script), I keep receiving the following error:

“‘streamlit’ is not recognized as an internal or external command, operable program or batch file.”

What shall I do? I’ve also tried to insert the directory with “”, but nothing to do… Any advice?

Thanks a lot! Amazing library btw, very impressive!

Bye guys,


Hi @tom97,

Welcome to the Streamlit forum! Please check out our new guidelines for posting in the forum and update your post to include a properly formatted code snippet so we can reproduce the issue you’re seeing.