Streamlit Sharing ignore files for deployment

Is there an option to ignore files when deploying to streamlit sharing?
Is it possible to use .dockerignore ?
Or .streamlitignore ? :wink:

What would be the use case of committing it to GitHub (i.e. have it accessible to Python), but not have it accessible upon deployment?

For example i don’t have to deploy any Documentation, Markdown, PDF… files to the runtime.
And maybe there are other parts/subfolders in the github repo that doesn’t have to be deployed either.

As far as I know, you can’t decide to partially clone a Git repo. We use the standard Git/GitHub API to clone the repo as you would locally (git clone git://...), so not sure this is possible for us to do.

Ah ok, I see.
I mean, there is a git checkout --filter option, but how that works exactly and if it is supported by GitHub is beyond me.