Streamlit still features only for a paid version?

Hello everybody!
First of all, I would like to thank this amazing team and community at Streamlit!

My doubt is:

  • Streamlit still features only for a paid version?

Since the announcement Streamlit & Snowflake: Better Together I can no longer find the paid plans.

Hi @Guilherme_Hungaro, welcome back to the community!

For the time being, Streamlit Cloud Teams and Enterprise tiers have stopped taking new customers, as we integrate with Snowflake and understand how our combined infrastructure will work together. We’re dedicated to keep Streamlit Cloud free tier available for the community, but unfortunately I don’t have a ton of insight into how our engineering philosophy needs to change to integrate into the larger Snowflake infrastructure.


Thank you so much for your reply Randy!

Can you tell me if this component is only for paid streamlit customers?

I am implementing object detection on real time video streaming data from cctv cameras. Once the object detection is done I am saving the results in mongoDB database. I am fetching the results from the mongoDB database and displaying them on the User Interface built with Streamlit. Sometimes I observe that there are entries in the database pertaining to detected objects but they are not getting displayed on Streamlit UI. Any idea why this happens? Also, is there any paid version of streamlit that can offer more advanced features?