Streamlit stuck in "Please wait..." when using VS Code dev container

I am trying to run my Streamlit application on my Amazon EC2 instance from within my VS Code dev container ( However it is always stuck on “Please wait…”.

I have done the following:

  • Forwarded port 8501 via VS Code’s port forwarding capability
  • Added my custom TCP rule for 8501 on my EC2
  • Exposed 8501 in my local Dockerfile
  • Set enableCORS=false

The application works fine locally if I run it outside of the container but gets stuck at ‘Please wait…’ when I try to run my app via my dev container. I am able to run other applications (eg JupyterLab) via my container so it seems to be a problem with how I’m configuring Streamlit specifically. I also have successfully run the awesome-streamlit Docker image here ( on port 80 on my EC2 (however I did this via sshing onto my instance, not through the dev container). Does anyone have any experience working with Streamlit on the VS Code dev container?

My .streamlit/config.tml is as follows:

Furthermore, when I run docker run -it --rm <image_name> on my EC2 outside of the dev container, the same issue occurs.

Hi @sydney, welcome to the Streamlit community!

I’m having a little trouble understanding where this is actually running…you’re trying to use VS Code from your local computer, to connect to a Docker container running inside an EC2 image?