Streamlit webpage not displayed

I am a new user and I have a problem with the basic use of this extension.
I work on a server that is not connected to the Internet and when I open the browser it does not show me the information that I built, it looks like it is trying to connect and fails.

Is there a way to overcome the problem or do I must an Internet connection?

Thanks for the help and patience.

Hi @amiroh, welcome to the forum! Please read through this post and then add more details to help others on the forum better your answer your question. Thanks!

Hi @amiroh
Streamlit can be used offline for app development and deployment. During development, ensure you have internet access, and then deploy your app in an offline environment. Make sure all required libraries and data are locally available.

Streamlit apps depend on a local web server, eliminating the need for an internet connection once deployed locally or on a network. Cache external data using Streamlit’s caching feature, and avoid resources that demand internet access, such as web fonts or external scripts.

While some Streamlit features, like sharing through Streamlit Sharing, require the internet, you can create and run basic Streamlit apps offline using these guidelines.

I hope this will help you for more info visit the docs of Streamlit for more information.

Thank you for your reply, I still have one question. I have a server that cannot connect to the Internet. Can I build a conda environment on a server that has Internet access, install streamlit in that environment, then export the conda environment and import it to the server without Internet access. Then, use the imported conda environment on the server without Internet to write a streamlit app. Will I be able to deploy the written streamlit app on that server without Internet this way? If not, what should I do? Thank you!

hi how can i cache exteral data …i has same situation in my company ,i found browser can not download cnd resources ,so st.dataframe can not display and got an error is not a function