How to install streamlit without pip?

I’m thinking of deploying my app to multiple clients. It needs to be offline based so I can’t use a host for it. Is there a way to install streamlit without using PIP?

There’s two things to separate here, installing packages and requiring internet access.

You can still use pip to install Python packages without requiring internet access. You can either provide a copy of the wheel file to your environment, or you could clone the entire GitHub repo and build from source. Building from source would require internet access to download all the dependencies for the first time.

If you really mean you don’t want to use pip, you can use conda, which also will also create environments and install packages.

I need to install my streamlit app on machines that do not have internet access.

Thank you for this. I managed to do this by downloading the wheel file and using pip install on it. I tried that before but I was getting SSL error. I found a fix to add the --trusted-host tag and now I can install wheel files and from pypi.

I created a batch file to be run after conda installation.
call conda activate root
pip install <wheel_file>

and a separate batch file to run my app
call conda activate root
streamlit run