Streamlit WebRTC Video Feed not showing up

I have got Streamlit webrtc running on localhost, but when I put it on to Streamlit Cloud I see this:

Here is my code:

import streamlit as st
from streamlit_webrtc import VideoTransformerBase, webrtc_streamer, VideoHTMLAttributes

def main():
st.title(“Video Feed”)
webrtc_streamer(key=“example”, video_html_attrs=VideoHTMLAttributes(autoPlay=True, controls=False, style={“width”: “100%”}, muted=True))

if name == “main”:

Here are the logs:

Hi @infernoyt213,

@whitphx shared a great code snippet that demonstrates how he got his app that uses streamlit-webrtc to work on Streamlit Community Cloud here – you’ll likely need to follow his example (his demo Community Cloud app can be viewed here) of using STUN/TURN servers provided by Twilio Network Traversal Service in order to successfully deploy the app on Streamlit Community Cloud.

hey infernoyt213 ! did you figure the issue out yet, because i’m getting the same exact problem

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