Subdomain Error

Hi, I try to deploy my app but nowadays, I face subdomain problems.
Even if the subdomain length is okay, it says it needs to be between 6 and 63.
Previously, I saw that hub cannot be included in the subdomain message

Here is the error

Hi @melih-unsal

It seems that the “hub” substring that is in the restricted list, it is advised that you can retry with a variant.

The original subdomain that you had provided in the screenshot appears to be working

Hope this helps!

Hi @dataprofessor thanks, now it works.
Btw, could you share the list of strings in the restricted list if any?

Hi @melih-unsal

Glad to hear that it works now, unfortunately the restricted list is internal and not public. In spite of this, a lot of short subdomains are still available.

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