Temporary demo of Game analytics platform (v2 of start-up)

Hey guys, just wanted to share a temporary demo some snapshots of my start-up platform before pushing it out. Would love to get your views and insights, fix any bugs and inefficiencies you guys spot before launching version 2.

Other pages you can visit - built in when there is an error:

  • error page report
  • connection error

It has also been built adjusting for screen sizes:
large screen: 1439px+ (but past 1600px, app width constrained to 1600px)
medium screen: 1151px - 1438px
small screen: 1150px and below

Test out the above screens when you click on your developer tools (right click β†’ inspect)

Some screen shots of the app:

It will be up until the end of this week - Friday, will make adjustments and then push out to users.
Demo app is not offline. Thanks for viewing.

  • For the love of Streamlit
  • We can make this work

Visually it is extraordinary, it would be interesting to share it openly to learn these techniques.