The app cannot be deployed after reboot

Hi, my app cannot be deployed after reboot. It just says ‘App is booting’, and it’s stuck there. I’ve checked the logs for the app and it doesn’t continue after ‘Initializing Java applet’. Here is the GitHub repo. This has happened before but it was redeployed without any issues after some time. But now it has been nearly 1 hour and I can’t access the app. I tried to open it with other devices but no luck. Any help is really appreciated. Thanks, Yusuf

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Same problem with me, it’s been almost three hours

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Yeah all of my apps are stuck in “App booting” or “App in the oven” when I didn’t reboot them…

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I am also in this same category. Is there a response to this problem as I can’t continue with my training without the app? How do we resolve this ‘app in the oven’ issue?

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This seems like a temp fix. But you can redeploy the same app. Click “New App” at the top and just reconnect it. The url and secrets won’t change. Seems to be a result of the maintenance done on Monday…

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Thanks for the temp fix, do you know if there ll be an official fix ?

In order to do it, I will need to delete thhe old app? Couldn’t understand here

Nope, you can just go straight to creating a new app. It will automatically just update the existing app, so it works.

Thanks! This has resolved my issue. Hopefully, there’ll be a permanent solution.

Thanks, this has resolved the issue!

This doesn’t work for me as I only have 1 private app, and my Github repo is private. So it seems like I would be forced to delete the old app first and recreate it all from scratch.