🗡️ The Shadows’s Den - streamlit & roguelike RPG game

Hello Streamlit Community!

I present to you The Shadow’s Den - a roguelike RPG game made using streamlit (PoC).


App purpose

Having fun :slightly_smiling_face:

This is a proof of concept that streamlit can be used for almost everything.

Technical side

Due to the way the game is rendered it will work best on desktop devices.

You can control your movement with a keyboard! (for some reason it doesn’t work on Safari)

The game level is loaded from a csv file, so you can easily create your own if you want to.

The code is open and available here: GitHub - TomJohnH/streamlit-rogue

Final remarks

It was a fun little project!

As it is a proof of concept, there are a few things that could be implemented in the future. Probably the most important one would be adding procedurally generated levels.

Hi all!

Despite rather low traction of the previous post - project is still alive :smiley:

Here is a little sneak peek of the new game engine and some information about recent updates in the original The Shadow’s Den



Some change log info:

Change log:


  • monsters can now fight with each other
  • added third level


  • all monsters are moving
  • monsters are pursuing player
  • added second level