Deploying Multipage App

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A few minutes aga, I deployed my very first Streamlit App. This App was suppose to be multipage app. I have been followed the documentations about creation of a multipage app. According to these, I have created my Home Page and other pages in Pages folder.

However, only Home Page is displaying on the website. Other pages cannot be seen. What should I do?

Hi @guneltugberk1

It is difficult to see what causes the error without the code. Nevertheless, please find the following GitHub repo that has a working implementation of a multipage app that you can clone and use.

The main page is 🏠 while the other pages are in the pages folder.

Hope this helps!

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@guneltugberk1 I had experienced the same issue! As @dataprofessor mentioned, it is very important to actually name the folder pages and NOT with capital P Pages! Fixing this made the difference for me and now the multi-page web app works :+1:

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