Unable to install correct version of dependency

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My app was running fine until recently and now gives error as I required to change some dependency versions. The app will work fine if I can install numpy version 1.20. I use requirements.txt and have numpy==1.20.0 line. When deploying the app, it first downloads the correct version, but then uninstalls it and downloads the latest version (1.24.3).


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Hi Caroline,

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I have a minimal working example in this repo. The app is here. Although my requirements asks for numpy version less than 1.22, the app shows that the imported numpy version is 1.24.3.


I’ve seen a couple other users with this issue for pandas. It seems to resolve if you allow Community Cloud to use the latest version of Streamlit, but otherwise it’s a bug…

I pinged the Community Cloud team to make sure the bug report is on their radar.

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Thank you, @mathcatsand, for your response and solution. I would like to add an additional tip for those seeking a solution: make sure to include “streamlit” as the first line in your requirements file. I am not sure if order of packages in requirements.txt is important but in my specific case, having “streamlit” listed later in the file did not yield the desired outcome.

Thanks for pinging the Community Cloud team. I did my best to flush out all the steps of what was going wrong. Hopefully it will help in identifying the solution quickly

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