Unable to Login to Share.Streamlit.io

I have just received invite to join share.streamlit.io however whenever I try to sign up for the account by clicking on the invite link or by going to ‘share.streamlit.io’ I get the following error.

    Error: Unknown error
    Code: 502

There are no errors in the browser console. The Webbrowser is Firefox (90.0 64bit) running Ubuntu linux.

I have also sent a support request, also ccing @Marisa_Smith here

Hey @arky,

Sorry, you ran into this issue. I just checked in with our Support team and @Caroline has replied to your email already!

I will let you two continue it there for the next steps!

Happy Streamlit-ing!


The Streamlit technical team was able to debug the problem. It was caused by a timeout when loading the share dashboard.

I have suggested an alternative design that could help alleviate this problem. Hope this issue would be resolved in future.

For now, I stopped using share feature.