Unable to pip install bpy

I want to add bpy to requirements.txt so that the app can generate a blender file of the 3D model it generates.
However, when I add bpy==3.6.0 to requirements.txtI get the following error:

Despite the fact that bpy is available at pypi for the target python installation python-3.10.13

Any help would be apprechiated

Are you certain you are running python 3.10? Community Cloud defaults to 3.9, so you need to pick the correct version on the advanced settings, prior to deploying.

I could install it without issues. You must be doing something different.

Thanks, this fixed the issue.
I thought I could use a runtime.txt as I did back when I used heroku, but I see I need to use the advanced settings during creation instead.

In order to use bpy I also needed to add packages.txt with the following content


and everything works now :slight_smile:

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