Use streamlit in our production dashboard

Hello all, in my company we are building an LLM platform where we are going to provide many different services through our API. In order that a user registers, pays, logs in and creates API token (plus various other basic stuff) we were thinking of creating a nice dashboard in streamlit (instead of react - we are thinking of having in all stuff python).
From your experience is it ok? Do you believe that we could support a production dashboard like that?

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Yes, I believe you can acheive most, if not everything you mentioned by hosting your dashboards on Snowflake. Check out the following page for more info.

Streamlit on Snowflake

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I see, thank you very much!

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Youโ€™re welcome!

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I write this with best intentions to help the community.

With all do respect to our fellow streamliters who defend and love the platform, you gotta a hammer and not all problems are nails.

I am yet to see a full featured app in streamlit with all bells and whistles you would expect in a โ€œproductโ€. Nearly all exemples you see there, some of them quite impressive, are still targetting a particular problem alone (most are a simple page that does one single thing).

My personal experience with Streamlit is that is absolutely the fastest thing I have seen to write functional apps (the chatbot using LLM being the highlight). But as you dive into trying to build a fully functioning app under this framework, you will hit lots of roadblocks, and will find yourself doing workarounds to circumvent the rules.

Some nice examples to think about:

  • customising layout (it is VERY hard to break out of the default design and experience)
  • navigation (e.g. user settings, pages that exist in the user journey but are not explicitly displayed on a left bar menu, etc)
  • Event handling (this one nearly made me go mad, trying to figure out how it is intended to workโ€ฆ have a look at buttons as an example)

Keeping the above (and more) in mind, if your solution still fits, happy days!

I have few things in production, but had to give up on all the above (and still have tons of unsafe_html flags throughout my code.

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Actually I have seen all the possible issues you mention and one of the UI parts is the custom CSS that someone may need to use. Based on the others I was thinking mainly of user login and registration parts. Of course I fully agree with all your comments and thank you very much for your detailed feedback!

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