Using streamlit for engineering consultants

Hi there,

I’m an engineering consultant who wants to make computational tools for my clients.
I found Streamlit online and it looks really promising. I just had some questions before I dive into it.
I’m very new to all this web dev stuff so sorry for the dumb questions.

  1. My simulations require a lot of resources (2 GB RAM and runs can last up to 48 hours). Am I able to configure how much RAM my app has on Streamlit Cloud, and can I run my apps for more than the 15mins timeout I saw on other posts?
  2. How can I monetize my app with a paywall? I want to charge my clients to use my apps. I saw some posts suggest some workarounds, but has this been supported natively now?
  3. I was looking at some alternatives to Streamlit and my co-worker had suggested to me. Has anyone tried this before and know how it differs from Streamlit?

Thanks for your help!

@John_Walker ,

  1. If your app has a lot of usage, I think there is leeway as to how much resources it can get. There is no way for you to configure it. I’m not sure if you can run your apps for more than 15 minutes.
  2. I would suggest checking out this repo: GitHub - tylerjrichards/st-paywall: A python package for creating subscription Streamlit apps It was built by one of our own streamlit team members but streamlit does not have a natively built way to support this as of right now.

Here is a comparison between Streamlit and Mecsimcalc:

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Hi @John_Walker

In regards to

Community Cloud is great for trying out new ideas, as the need for compute resource becomes inevitable, it may be necessary to graduate from a community resource to a dedicated pay instance. Please check out the Docs for detailed tutorial on deploying your own instance

Thank you very much @willhuang @dataprofessor, it looks like with a bit of extra work, it is possible! But I’m a civil engineer in training, so using Github for st-paywall and Docker/Kubernetes for my own instance, might be above my paygrade. :smiling_face_with_tear:

Thank you so much @Samer_Adeeb, I didn’t see this before. After reading this, MecSimCalc looks very promising for my use case, I’ll give it a try!


Perhaps you can look into optimizing the performance, these article/blog may be helpful:

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