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Hi Streamlit community!

I’ve been building the model for my Master thesis with Streamlit. The model is quite big, so I would love to split it up into multiple pages to make it faster as well as easier to navigate. I just noticed that the multi-page PR has been merged into the develop branch. Is it possible to use the Streamlit develop branch? Since I’m not making any production apps, I would love to already test it out. I didn’t saw a ‘development version’ on PyPi, but I’m also not very well versed in Python’s package management system. :wink:

I would love to hear if there’s any way to already preview and run the development branch locally!

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Hello @Ruben

  • it’s possible you’d get the feature by downloading streamlit-nightly · PyPI in a separate conda/virtualenv environment
  • you can also build the project yourself: Contributing · streamlit/streamlit Wiki ( if you’re well versed with npm and python. I did it recently in a Docker container, it works well
  • just so you know, you’ll be by yourself with no documentation on this :slight_smile: so you’ll have to browse through the PR messages to understand how it’s used. There’s also a risk that a change is made just before the release that breaks your develop multipage code, so understand that what you implement on develop might not work in the release

If you still feel comfortable with all those gotchas, then yeah go for it! Otherwise I’d advise waiting for the release by using the classical multipage hack through selectbox or using Hydralit which has some other nice features baked in with multipage

Have a nice day!

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Hi Fanilo,

Thank you for the extensive answer! I’m gonna see if I can get it up and running with Docker. The lack of documentation will only be a fun challenge to read the source code for once. :slight_smile:

Thanks again and have a great day!