When can we use multipage function locally?

release notes from: Streamlit Cloud Releases ·流光

Hi @BeyondMyself -

This feature is already available in the develop branch on GitHub, so if you install Streamlit from GitHub you can play with it. I don’t know exactly when it will make it into Streamlit on PyPI, but I would guess next week.


Thank you.

I’m so happy to hear streamlit now has official multipage apps support!
@BeyondMyself have you found any documentation for it so far?
I haven’t found any documentation for multipage apps in the official streamlit documentation.

no document found yet.
may be we can see it soon.

damn. i was just thinking about this today. awesome guys

If you are courageous enough, you can find how it works from their PRs.
From memory without looking at it, it’s multiple Python scripts in a pages folder next to your main script.
PS: I tested it using streamlit-nightly and you’ll need to deactivate the ui.hideSidebarNav flag too.

Ah I haven’t been able to figure it out so far. Anybody with better success than me?