Version 0.79.0

Version 0.79.0

Release date: March 18, 2021


  • :rainbow: Introducing support for custom themes. Check out our blog post
  • :new_moon_with_face: This release also introduces dark mode!
  • :hammer_and_wrench: Support for tooltips on all input widgets

Other changes

  • Fixed bugs regarding file encodings (#1936, #2606) and caching functions (#2728)

Release Details

  • If youโ€™d like to know what exactly went into this release, check out the commit diff .

  • Instead of our normal release app, we have a collection of theming showcase apps to demonstrate what theming can do!

Special Thanks

Thanks to ktosiek, damilare-akin, and SDSTony for their contributions!


Check out this post if you want to know more:

Happy Streamlit-ing!

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