Version 1.33.0


  • :athletic_shoe: Introducing st.experimental_fragment to decorate functions and rerun them independently of the whole page. Check out the docs and give your apps a speed boost!
  • :globe_with_meridians: Introducing st.html to insert custom HTML into your app! Check out the docs for how to use it.

Notable Changes

Other Changes

  • :computer_mouse:Users can click on the widget label to focus on input for st.number_input, st.text_input, and st.text_area (#8155). Thanks, filiptammergard!
  • :arrow_up: Streamlit supports packaging version 24.x (#8338, #8328).
  • :spider_web: Bug fix: Streamlit now watches for changes to imported modules in addition to pages (#8372). Thanks, zyxue!
  • :cricket: Bug fix: Overflowing toast messages are correctly truncated (#8337, #8330).
  • :scorpion: Bug fix: st.status correctly updates to complete when using LangChain’s StreamlitCallbackHandler (#8331).
  • :mosquito: Bug fix: Custom components no longer show white backgrounds in dark themes (#8242, #8156, #7813).
  • :microbe: Bug fix: Content area width is reduced when a fullscreen icon would otherwise cause horizontal overflow (#8279, #6990).
  • :fly: Bug fix: Custom components with undefined frame heights will render with a height of 0 (#8290, #8285).
  • :cockroach: Bug fix: Restored a check for active sessions to prevent apps from needlessly running when no users are connected (#8294).
  • :spider: Bug fix: Custom themes have precedence over embedding options (#8021, #7118).
  • :lady_beetle: Bug fix: Reverted the async timer to expire session storage cache to address computational efficiency (#8281).
  • :honeybee: Bug fix: When using st.popover with use_container_width=True, the popover container’s minimum width will match the popover button (#8266, #8261).
  • :ant: Bug fix: Using st.rerun with a triggering widget in AppTest no longer creates an infinite loop (#8264, #7768).
  • :beetle: Bug fix: URLs are correctly decoded in LinkColumn if regex is used or if not using fully qualified URLs (#8258, #7064).
  • :bug: Bug fix: st.query_params only sends one ForwardMsg when updating multiple parameters (#8205, #8199). Thanks, Asaurus1!

Why would I use st.html(my_style_string) instead of st.markdown(my_style_string, unsafe_allow_html=True)?

@shawngiese it’s mostly for convenience:

  • Nicer looking code
  • Supports loading the style from a file path by default instead of just in-line
  • For HTML that doesn’t directly draw on the screen (like just styles), it removes the annoying slight bit of extra space that st.markdown always creates
  • Won’t accidentally render markdown unintentionally

Looking forward to try this out. Thanks for the demo app too

Would the HTML / CSS file reloading happen each time the app cycles through another run? When I replace my st.markdown with st.html (for 5 html / css code inserts, strngs, not loading a file) chrome Lighthouse shows the app as less responsive. Putting back the st.markdown speeds it up again. Will try to track down exactly what part is slowing things down.

Getting rid of that extra space that st.markdown was nice : )

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God when st.dialog!!! anyway , My congratulations to the Streamlit team for their work.

Could the st.popover be used as a dialog? st.popover - Streamlit Docs

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Well done & thank you!! :+1:

Both of the new features are working great and implemented in the latest version of the module I recently published. To see st.experimental_fragment and st.html in action, check out the following:

Sorry for the inconvenience, I ended up slashing the stock ticker from the application previously mentioned in this message.

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Nice job!

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Hello, I had an issue viewing my app on mobile (ios and chrome) in this version. I had to specify an earlier version of streamlit in my requirements.txt file to get it resolved (streamlit==1.32.2). I think others will have the same experience so it might be worth looking into and resolving.

Hi @eziowayne22 , would you mind posting a Github Issue about this, and include more information about the app and the device / browser you were using?

I quickly checked and wasn’t able to reproduce it just looking at my own apps on 1.33 on Chrome on iPhone. Want to make sure we can investigate quickly and effectively if there’s an issue! Thank you!!

sure thing! Issue with streamlit app not showing with version 1.33.0 · Issue #8455 · streamlit/streamlit · GitHub

I’m looking forward to try out st.experimental_fragment. It looks like a nice addition to streamlit. Good job devs!

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