Version 0.87.0

Release date: Aug 19, 2021


  • :1234: Introducing st.metric, an API for displaying KPIs. Check out the demo app showcasing the functionality

Other Changes

  • :beetle: Bug Fixes: File uploader retains state upon expander closing (#3557), setIn Error with st.empty (#3659), Missing IFrame embeds in docs (#3706), Fix error writing certain PNG files (#3597)

What an awesome new widget! Great to plug some crypto exchange data into these :smiley: :tada:
I was hoping that the file download widget would make it to this release, is that perhaps in the works for 0.88? :slight_smile:

Keep 'em coming Streamlit team, loving every update!

Hi @Fhireman Yes! We are working on the file download widget, but it wasn’t ready for our cutoff for this release. Hopefully, we’ll see it soon!

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Great new feature. Despite of this, you guys are working in something which shows the user how many people accessed their site? like google analytics or sort of integration?

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Great feature, thanks!

I have a very marginal issue with the direction of the arrow if both values are negative (loss).


In this case my gross margin loss has passed from 2.5B to 2.7B. No problems to get the % indicator to show red.

However the little arrow should point down I think (the margin is even lower, even though I guess you can argue that the arrow is pointing to the fact that the loss have increased :slight_smile: )

Hi Fabio,
sorry for the late reply.

If I understand correctly, it looks like ur margin of loss has increased so the thought process is that the delta is up 10%. So you are - i am assuming - passing in delta_colors=“inverse” and as a result are getting this.

If you wish to change the arrow to go down and be red, just make the delta to be “-10.4%” and the delta_colors=“normal” / do not pass in delta_colors.

As for the thought process, it’s a pretty interesting case that I do not think we will end up addressing since you can get the UI.

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