Version 1.21.0


  • :straight_ruler: Introducing st.divider β€” a command that displays a horizontal line in your app. Learn how to use this command in its API reference.
  • :lock_with_ink_pen: Streamlit now supports the use of a global secrets.toml file, in addition to a project-level file, to easily store and securely access your secrets. Learn more in Secrets management.
  • :rocket: has been revamped to show more information about object methods, attributes, classes, and more, which is great for debugging!

Notable Changes

  • :ladder: st.time_input supports adding a stepping interval with the keyword-only step parameter (#6071).
  • :question: Most text elements can include tooltips with the help parameter (#6043).
  • ↔️ st.pyplot has a use_container_width parameter to set the chart to the container width (now all chart elements support this parameter) (#6067).
  • :woman_technologist: st.code supports optionally displaying line numbers to the code block’s left with the boolean line_numbers parameter (#5756, #6042).
  • :anchor: Anchors in header elements can be turned off by setting anchor=False (#6158).

Other Changes

  • :panda_face: st.table and st.dataframe support pandas.Period, and number and boolean types in categorical columns (#2547, #5429, #5329, #6248).
  • :spider_web: Added .webp to the list of allowed static file extensions (#6331)
  • :lady_beetle: Bug fix: stop script execution on websocket close to immediately clear session information (#6166, #6204).
  • :ant: Bug fixes: updated allowed/disallowed label markdown behavior such that unsupported elements are unwrapped and only their children (text contents) render (#5872, #6036, #6054, #6163).
  • :beetle: Bug fixes: don’t push browser history states on rerun, use HTTPS to load external resources in streamlit hello, and make the browser back button work for multipage apps (#5292, #6266, #6232). Thanks, whitphx!
  • :honeybee: Bug fix: avoid showing emoji on non-UTF-8 terminals. (#2284, #6088). Thanks, kcarnold!
  • :file_folder: Bug fix: override default use of File System Access API for react-dropzone so that st.file_uploader’s File Selection Dialog only shows file types corresponding to those included in the type parameter (#6176, #6315).
  • :floppy_disk: Bug fix: make the .clear() method on cache-decorated functions work (#6310, #6321).
  • :running_man: Bug fix: st.experimental_get_query_params doesn’t need reruns to work (#6347, #6348). Thanks, PaleNeutron!
  • :bug: Bug fix: CachedStFunctionWarning mentions experimental_allow_widgets instead of the deprecated suppress_st_warning (#6216, #6217).

Hi @snehankekre, a small enhancement suggestion: Would an orientation parameter help? So that the divider can either be horizontal / vertical? This has use when used with columns. For vertical, the line can extend to the height of the row.


I suppose dividers can only be horizontal. To have it vertically you could apply a border on either the right side of the first column div, or the left side of the second column div.

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We need official chatbot tool !

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