Version 1.20.0

Notable Changes

Other Changes

  • :hamburger: Cleaned up the hamburger menu by removing the least used options (#6080).
  • :printer: Design changes to ensure apps being printed or saved as a PDF look good (#6180).
  • :lady_beetle: Bug fix: improved dtypes checking in st.experimental_data_editor (#6185, #6188).
  • :bug: Bug fix: properly position st.metric’s help tooltip when not inside columns (#6168).
  • :beetle: Bug fix: regression in retrieving messages from the server’s ForwardMsgCache (#6210).
  • :cyclone: Bug fix: st.cache_data docstring for the show_spinner param now lists str as a supported type (#6207, #6213).
  • :stopwatch: Made ping and websocket timeouts far more forgiving (#6212).
  • :world_map: and st.pydeck_chart docs state that Streamlit’s Mapbox token will not work indefinitely (#6143).

Great, but the Print function in the hamburger menu doesn’t work anymore. White page.
It worked great in the 1.19.0 version.

There is also this error @DirkRemmers reported. Luckily there is an easy workaround.

Func.clear() not working in 1.20 - :balloon: Using Streamlit - Streamlit

Great work from streamlit

Thank you for that great work !
About #6080 :
is there a way to keep only, “Settings”, “About” and “Rerun” ?

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