Version 1.26.0


  • :robot: Introducing st.status to display output from long-running processes and external API calls. Works great with st.chat_message! See our documentation and demo app for how to use this feature.
  • :traffic_light: Introducing st.toggle β€” an alternative to st.checkbox when you need an on/off switch.

Notable Changes

Other Changes

  • :bread: Bug fix: Toast messages are no longer blocked by st.chat_input (#7204, #7115).
  • :spider_web: Bug fix: Widget IDs are now stable to prevent inconsistent statefulness (#7003).
  • :mosquito: Bug fix: Browser autofill is correctly recognized within forms now (#7150, #7101, #7084).
  • :worm: Bug fix: st.file_uploader no longer causes session state to reset when a websocket connection is dropped and reconnected (#7149, #7025).
  • :racing_car: Bug fix: Pydeck JSON data is cached for improved performance (#7113, #5532).
  • :butterfly: Bug fix: st.chat_input no longer submits prematurely while typing with an input method editor (#6993).
  • :lady_beetle: Bug fix: Label backgrounds for st.tabs are now transparent (#7070, #5707).
  • :honeybee: Bug fix: Page width is no longer ignored when using the help parameter in st.button (#7033, #6161).
  • :ant: Bug fix: Tweaked Altair color specification for improved visibility in dark mode (#7061, #3343).
  • :beetle: Bug fix: st.chat_message can correctly use local images as avatars (#7130).
  • :bug: Bug fix: Specified that MD5 is not used for security (#7122, #7120).
  • :magic_wand: Bug fix: Async function docstrings are ignored by Streamlit magic (#7143, #7137).

:computer: Release demo app


Really love the new st.status component! :heart_eyes:
Looking forward to also use st.toggle.

Another super update :partying_face:


We lost the button to hide/close the sidebar in 1.26.0

The button is still there for me.

noice updates in 1.26.0​:+1::+1:
finally st.file_uploader is fixed:)

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