Version 1.34.0


  • :popcorn: Introducing st.experimental_dialog! Create a modal overlay that can also rerun independently from the rest of your app. Check out the docs to learn how.

Notable Changes

Other Changes

  • :black_square_button: Streamlit supports Modin and Snowpark pandas DataFrames and Series (#8506).
  • :stopwatch: Improved support for period data types in st.dataframe and st.data_editor (#7987).
  • :world_map: Streamlit supports using pydeck-carto with st.pydeck_chart (#8422).
  • :snowflake: Additional snowflake requirements were updated to allow Python versions 3.8 to 3.11 (#8538).
  • :bread: st.toast received visual improvements and now appears in the top right (#8433).
  • :butterfly: Visual tweaks for dialogs and modals.
  • :crab: Bug fix: st.write_stream returns an empty string when passed a generator with no yield (#8560).
  • :lizard: Bug fix: Widgets that support None values can be correctly set to None through Session State (#8529, #7649).
  • :snail: Bug fix: If the initial value for st.date_input is not set and today’s date falls outside the declared minimum or maximum, then the minimum or maximum will be used instead, whichever is closer (#8519, #6167).
  • :spider_web: Bug fix: Altair’s resolve_scale method is handled correctly (#8497, #1667).
  • :cricket: Bug fix: st.multiselects correctly handles sets when passed to options or default (#8471, #8466).
  • :scorpion: Bug fix: st.status does not show the expander toggle when empty (#8369).
  • :mosquito: Bug fix: The width of vconcat charts in Vega and Altair is set correctly (#8498, #2751).
  • :microbe: Bug fix: Apps print beautifully and no longer show excessive whitespace (#8502, #7815).
  • :fly: Bug fix: Invalid escape sequences were removed to avoid warnings from pytest (#8510, #8501).
  • :cockroach: Bug fix: st.file_uploader callback is correctly executed once per file selection after the first selection (#8493, #4877).
  • :spider: Bug fix: Streamlit is compatible down to pillow version 7.1.0 instead of 9.1.0 (#8492, #8486).
  • :lady_beetle: Bug fix: Widget values are correctly dropped when a script run is interrupted by switching pages (#8425, #7338).
  • :honeybee: Bug fix: Apps in dark mode will return to dark mode after printing (#8469, #7879).
  • :ant: Bug fix: Component ready state is dynamic to avoid race conditions that caused blank apps in Safari (#8434, #8362).
  • :beetle: Bug fix: st.slider yields a Python error when min_value is less than or equal to max_value (#8413, #8342).
  • :bug: Bug fix: Time is offset correctly for Vega and Altair (#8278, #4342).

Nice job!! Thank you!

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Hey Community!

I’m having trouble with my app after upgrading to the new version of Streamlit. I upgraded to use the experimental_dialog() feature, but now my sign-in with Cognito is not working properly with st.rerun() → it stays on the same page and doesn’t refresh. Can someone help me with this issue?

I’ve already developed a feature for my app based on experimental_dialog(), and now I’m considering downgrading to version 1.30 and removing it, due to the different behavior of st.rerun().

Thank you, community! Despite this issue, I’ve noticed great improvements with the new version and I’m glad I chose Streamlit for my app.