App having issues loading the st_aggrid.agGrid component after being deployed on GCP

I am getting a component loading error with agGrid (attached screenshot) when using my app deployed on GCP. It doesn’t happen when I run the app on my local machine. I have tried increasing the memory allocation on GCP, adding couple of seconds of sleep time before and after displaying the df like this AgGrid(DataFrame,gridOptions,height=825). I also tried upgrading the versions. I am using streamlit==1.12.0 and streamlit-aggrid==0.3.2. But nothing seems to work.

Any idea how I can fix this issue?


Hi @rexon1992,

Thanks for posting!

This error message shows when it takes a long time to load the component – the message should go away once the component has loaded. Is it possible there’s an error preventing the component from loading? Can you share the logs for the app?

Caroline :balloon:

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Hi Caroline,

Here is are the logs from the web browser.

And this is from GCP Cloud Run service for the app

It only happen when data is displayed using Aggrid. I am guessing it’s an Aggrid api connection issue?


I am still not sure if it works, but I have been having the same problem with folium, and in here they said to try to turn session affinity on. So far so good