What happended to beta_expander design?


Recently I upgraded streamlit version 0.72.0 → 0.81.0

I realized that the layout/design of st.beta_expander is significantly different from before and even from the documentation. (see the comparison below.)

I’m not in favor of the current version’s(0.81.0) design, and would like to have the same one from the documentation or the one from the previous version(0.72.0)

Can someone give me some advice or guide to make this happen?

Thank you in advance

(Have a look at the comparison)

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HI @lucaseo -

I suspect this was part of our theming release, which tried to make some more of the elements easier to change. Is it just the gray outlines you are trying to remove or are there more changes?


Hi @randyzwitch , I have the same concern. The grey box has changed the design of the app. Is it a way to make the grey lines transparent, or just remove the grey box?

Is there a way to make the grey lines to transparent or changing the beta_expander design to old style?