What is the most popular Streamlit app?

Is @jrieke curated list GitHub - jrieke/best-of-streamlit: :trophy: A ranked gallery of awesome streamlit apps built by the community up to date? :slight_smile:

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Depends what you mean by “most popular”. If it’s “by github stars”, that repo may still be accurate. But, if you mean by views, then nope.

We’re actually working on a dynamic gallery of new and popular streamlit apps, something similar to https://components.streamlit.app/, but likely including actual view counts, so it should be easier to for anyone to find out the answer to this question in the future.


Great! Thank you for the answear. I really would like to know, which apps users finds usefull (visits) as for github starts - they are proabablu biased towards which apps developers find usefull :wink: