App: Your Github stats for 2020 πŸ™

Dear community,

I built a small streamlit app that shows stats for your Github activity in 2020 and lets you share directly on Twitter.

Just enter your username here:

Below are my stats (hottest repo is – of course – a streamlit project :wink: ). Feel free to screenshot yours and share below! I’d love to see what awesome things you built in 2020.


Awesome! I saw a few of these all over Twitter earlier today β€” seems to be catching :fire:


This is a nice little app there @jrieke!


Hey @jrieke
This is a cool tool. I was wondering if we could use that to populate attributes like +=versions, PRs, commits, forks and stars for a list of tools I am starting to maintain in the β€œMLOps”/β€œDataOps” industry. Would you be interested in helping me set up something? – for sure would give you whatever credit or attribution you desire :slight_smile: Here’s the list:

Hi @free-soellingeraj,

thanks! I’m busy with other projects at the moment so won’t have time to help you implement anything but feel free to fork the repo and use whatever code you need. I used ghapi to query the Github API, which is pretty straightforward. If you have specific questions on my code, feel free to open an issue in the repo or send a Twitter DM. Thx for sharing the list btw! :slight_smile: