"Your App is in the oven" page stuck


I’m trying to make a very simple app to test, and the website is being hosted under: https://swaraag-climatic-sttest-5wt4g3.streamlitapp.com/
Code is:

import streamlit as st
import pandas as pd
st.write(""" # My first app""")

number = st.slider("Pick a number", 0, 100)

It works when I run it locally. But when I try to deploy the app, and confirm the Github info, it gets stuck on this page. I’ve been reading other posts similar to mine, and all of them seem to be server-based issues (like an outage, or something like that). Was wondering what I should do.


It has helped to me to wait one day and after several attempts was the app successfully deployed .

Still not working for me.

I guess it’s a slightly different issue though.