508 Compliance For streamlit

Hi there,

Is there a plan to make Streamlit 508 compliant? This would allow using it across tremendous amount of government dashboards and would take away from Tableau.


Hi @iopheam

Thanks for the question. We haven’t done an official accessibility assessment. That said, we write our frontend code with accessibility in mind, using a widget component library that is accessible, looking at contrast ratios when designing, etc.

But we’re aware this is by all means not enough! That’s why we have a roadmap item to officially assess accessibility and address issues that arise. It’s important to note we don’t control user themes, plotting libraries, and custom components, and a lot of the accessibility of actual apps will fall on users who are writing these apps.

Can you share a little more on your use case? What kind of dashboards are you building and how have you historically demonstrated 508 compliance before you started using Streamlit?


Hi @abhi,

Thanks for the reply. We are building various dashboards for various government agencies. We are using Streamlit for quick prototyping but have to redo everything in tableau as it is 508 compliant: Build Data Views for Accessibility - Tableau

Each agency has a department that formally assesses an app for compliance. Historically, it was hard to do, especially for custom components. But “ Tableau supports several controls to enable you to build a view that complies with US Section 508 requirements when consuming a view in Tableau Online or Tableau Server that meets the Web Content Accessibility guidelines (WCAG 2.0 AA).” So, when an agency reviews your product they make sure you used those controls and confirm your compliance quicker.

That is why if Streamlit had such controls many prototypes would have a chance to be used in production in government environments.

Hope this helps.

Hi @iopheam,

Thanks for the additional context, it was really helpful!

I’ve added 508 Accessibility as an item to our roadmap. We are scoping our longer term roadmap so I don’t have exact information on when we’ll get to work on this. But once we have more clarity on timeline I’ll share details on this thread.