Akismet (bot) hid my post unfairly

I discovered Streamlit recently and was very excited about it. I made my first project and decided to share it here in a post with images and explanations on what I had created.

To my surprise, moments later my post was tagged as spam and hidden from view. It is evidently a mistake but it is still quite disheartening. This was my first post, perhaps I made a mistake but no feedback was provided and even I cannot see my own post.

I wouldn’t have been able to make my project without streamlit, and I’m sure the admin community will free my post. I simply wanted to paint some light on this issue since I have not found other community members that have gone through this issue.

At the very least I would like to see my own post so that I can publish it somewhere else :'v

Are you talking about this post ?


I think it is not removed :slightly_smiling_face:.

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