Apache Airflow - DAG Viewer


I wrote a simple app that visualizes DAGs from Apache Airflow using Streamlit.

App: https://streamlit-streamlit-kbregula-apache-airflowvisualize-dag-emhqvl.streamlitapp.com/
Source code: https://streamlit-streamlit-kbregula-apache-airflowvisualize-dag-emhqvl.streamlitapp.com/ see: “App source code”


  • Render examples DAGs from the /dags/ directory. It is especially useful when the applications are deployed on Streamlit Cloud, because thanks to automatic synchronization with the Github repository, all changes in DAG files are almost immediately visible in the application.
  • Support uploading your own DAG file.
  • Display DAG documentation as markdown.
  • Syntax highlight for Python code.