App reload cause?

Running my app in the Streamlit Cloud.

Is there a way to determine what caused a reload of the app? So often, I’m not doing anything on my app but the browser window is open, and suddenly it’ll just reload the whole app. This is unnecessary and I’m not doing anything to cause it.

Is there a way to determine what triggered it? Or does anyone know? Is there just a stale/refresh time for apps in the Cloud?

Hey @autonopy,

Thanks for sharing this issue. Do you have Streamlit pinned to a specific version? Community Cloud shouldn’t be reloading your app, but this has been an issue with some older version of Streamlit in the past (I believe we fixed the underlying issue in version 1.11.)

Thanks for the reply, I have no idea why I didn’t get a notification that you’d done so. I just caught this reload happening again and had forgotten, so I came back to check the post and see you had replied!

My requirements.txt simply has streamlit as a library, no pinned version. So I’m running whatever the Streamlit Cloud installs. It’s hitting our databases over and over on every reload, so I’d love to find a cause and solution.

Any chance you’re able to share the app / GitHub repo (or a limited version that reproduces the reload behavior)? @Alexandru_Toader any idea what might be going on here?

I can’t, since it is proprietary company code & data, but I can tell you that we have a few dashes running on the Cloud and they all do it, despite very different design flows. I think the only common element in them is that I use the expanders, and I have another post on the forums here about how an upload button in an expander causes it to reload. Perhaps related? Perhaps something to do with expanders? I’m totally grasping at straws for patterns.

@Alexandru_Toader any thoughts on this?

The application will reload at least every 30 minutes. This is caused by a networking stack configuration.

@autonopy can you try to reproduce this in an application that does not have proprietary code and then share it so that we can investigate further?

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