App that changes link infinitely

When I share my app with certain people by entering their email address they get an error, but for me it works. The app launches by switching from one link to another indefinitely. The first is the basic link for my card: “https://[my app name]” and this link instantly redirects them to this one: “[my app name]/”. A priori it even takes them to my personal streamlit space sometimes. I wonder if this infinite loading problem is due to an error on my part and also if it would be possible to only share a link that leads directly to the app.

Can’t you share the link of the app directly and send it through email?
I mean, when you customize your app’s name and make it something like “” it will direct the user to the app straight up. I’ve seen people use the “share.streamlit” but that’s for the owners streamlit space and it doesn’t load directly to the app, wonder why they don’t just share their actual app URL directly instead.

That’s what I do, I only share the app link but once on it they have to authenticate by entering their email addresses to make sure it’s them and then when that link loads it redirects to the share.streamlit which itself redirects to the app link etc in a loop so the app never loads in the end.

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