Open Source Launch Recap

Hey community! :heart:

It’s hard to believe that Streamlit launched just three weeks ago! We wanted to share some amazing figures and quotes from the launch, which wildly exceeded our expectations! :heart_eyes:

In the three weeks since launch:

  • Over 11,000 of you have created over 20,000 Streamlit apps.
  • You gave Streamlit over 3,285 Github stars and made us the #1 trending repository for two days.
  • You worked to make Streamlit better, submitting 496 questions, bugs, and feature requests on our forum and GitHub.
  • You contributed 14 pull requests. Yay! Keep it up! :sunglasses:
  • You read and asked your friends to check us out and read our launch post, which now has over 127,000 views and over 9,000 claps.

And most importantly you’ve been doing awesome things with Streamlit and teaching us new ways to use it. :brain:You’ve included Streamlit in your open source projects, conference presentations, and repositories, (including awesome-streamlit!). You’ve written several articles, tutorials and videos about Streamlit, and you’ve shared some amazing sentiments online:

  • @streamlit is hands down the best dashboard/productivity tools for #datascience currently available. - @junghoon_sonMD
  • The best way to think about the arrival of Streamlit is to think of the arrival of the iPhone. - @MarcSkovMadsen
  • This is truly lovely. - @arissk
  • Really digging this new Python data centric, mini web framework called streamlit. Love its simple declarative syntax. - @pybokeh
  • Honestly, thinking more about it, I think this is a game-changer like IPython Notebooks were in 2013. - @Cmrn_DP
  • As someone new to front end I felt like it gave me superpowers. @stbunzel

It has been so much fun and such an honor to see Streamlit received so enthusiastically. We’ve been so overwhelmed by your response that we admittedly fell behind in answering all of your questions — please accept our apologies! We revamped our processes this week to improve response times on forum posts and Github issues going forward. :raising_hand_woman:t4:

Thank you all for being part of the Streamlit community and for helping it grow and improve. We love hearing from you and seeing everything you make, so please keep posting and tweeting and we will do our best to respond to every one of you as quickly as we can. :pray: