AquaPlan: A new interactive tool for agricultural water management and climate risk assessment

Hi everyone!

We have just released our streamlit-based web application AquaPlan, a powerful crop management tool that enables farmers, businesses, and governments to make more informed decisions about water management, irrigation investments, and climate risks.

You can access AquaPlan using the following link:

More information, including screenshots and gifs, can be found at The University of Manchester’s article, Tim Foster’s medium post, or twitter thread.

It would not have been possible without streamlit, including the fantastic community components and libraries such as streamlit-folium, leafmap, and geemap, so a big thankyou to all involved in developing those.



Hi, I guess it doesn’t work

I got a message about hitting resource limits today so rebooted the app and now I getting an error with the exact same code. Have been trying to solve it all day. May have to host it on AWS or something tomorrow just so it’s back up and running

Will post back on here when it’s back


AquaPlan is back up and running