Avatar Maker - A web app for creating custom avatar images

I have created the Avatar Maker web app that allows the generation of custom avatar images from a large selection of modular options (e.g. changing hair type, hair color, etc.). Afterwards you will be able to download the avatar image and use for your social media profile. I have also created a YouTube video showing how to implement this web app in 20 minutes.

:point_right: How to build an Avatar maker app | Streamlit #18 - YouTube

:point_right: Code GitHub - dataprofessor/avatar-app
:point_right: Demo https://share.streamlit.io/dataprofessor/avatar-app/main/app.py

It is worthy to note that this app takes its inspiration from Fang-Pen Lin’s app https://getavataaars.com/
py_avataaars library was used for generating the avatars
Avatars are designed by Pablo Stanley https://avataaars.com/


Welcome to the community @dataprofessor :slight_smile: trying to build an avatar with a hat red like the Streamlit logo :stuck_out_tongue:

Speaking of which, can we send hexadecimal values (selected from st.color_picker) to the py_avataaar library ? I really want a custom Streamlit red hat eheheh.

One day I’ll binge watch your Youtube videos! Awesome job creating those :wink:



Thanks Fanilo, that’s an awesome suggestion. :laughing: