Best practices for robust multi-user/high uptime/ streamlit web page: Enterprise Streamlit

I am struggling to sort out how to deploy a robust web page with Streamlit. I visited some friends who do professional websites for business and wanted to know how to:

  1. Uptime: Assure that the Streamlit app is always up, more than a systemctl entry.
  2. Scale Apps: Scale with 10’s of lil’ baby data science apps. I don’t think the pages/ implementation really supports that since they would all run in the same container.
  3. Scale Users: Scale with number of users.

They were thinking that my Streamlit app should be accessed over port 443, https, via an Apache served connection which then managed the above concerns. No amateur-hour hosting on :8501 or the like.

I suspect that Streamlit intends to replace what Apache does but can’t quite get my head around it.

Any help is appreciated and if Streamlit in the Cloud handles all this then maybe it is time to figure out how to pay for it.

Hi @breckbaldwin,

Streamlit Community Cloud wouldn’t be the solution for this, but Streamlit is currently building a joint cloud product with Snowflake that aims to solve for this use case – we’re hoping to release this product in 2023, so stay tuned!

If you’d like to receive updates about the Streamlit + Snowflake joint cloud product, you can sign up here

There are also plenty of other platforms that you can use to deploy Streamlit apps, so I’ll let some other community members chime in on what would be the best approach there

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Hi @breckbaldwin have a read of my post below if this is of interest to you