Blogging with Streamlit

Hey, like many here I’ve been ecstatic using Streamlit and exploring all the possibilities of applications we can build. Streamlit’s native support for markdown makes it an ideal tool for writing technical blogs.

I’ve been developing a new blogging platform called Grimoire which allows you to create interactive data stories just with a markdown editor and able to natively blend in Streamlit interactions (data frames, APIs, visualizations)

Grimoire is currently still in a “beta stage” and can really use your help in evaluating the platform. Please leave feedback in the comments or reach out to so we can collectively make Grimoire better for the community.

Here is an introductory post about the platform

Here is the site


Whaaaa! This is crazy and awesome :smiley:

Can’t wait to try it out

Wow, this is a fantastic idea! How does Grimoire handle the URL situation? Is there a single URL for the app, or have you figured out a way to make a separate URL for each post?

Single URL, using URL parameters to load the correct blog

This thread gives some insight on what to modify

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